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Saving the Rainforest- Bits at a Time

Sting was quotes as stating:  “You can’t save the rainforest all at once; you have to save bits of it at a time, and hope the idea will grow.”  Well, apparently, my nine year-old daughter was listening (although I doubt she knows who Sting is).

Recently in her third grade class, Hannah and her friends were learning about the rainforest the fact that it has become endangered.  They decided to take matters into their own hands.  A few days ago, she came home asking me if she could have a playdate with her “rainforest group”.  Seeing my confused face, she went to her backpack and pulled out approximately 40 hand-drawn images of animals.  The girls, she explained had decided to draw pictures, sell them, and donate the money to the rainforest.  Then, she went in for the kill…”Mom, can we make a blog so we can sell them?”

Which brings me to the first point of this post. We often talk about “authentic learning” and “engaged students”.  My heart beamed when I saw how energetically and organically these girls had organized themselves, set a plan, and began work.  I also love how they are blissfully unaware and unbothered by the enormity of the problem.  They just want to do their “bit”.

Second, I need help.  I would hate to leave these girls hanging.  I’m looking for advice and ideas of where to start and how to best set this up. Ideally, it would be some sort of platform that I could upload their pictures, and people could donate money in exchange for a print of their pictures.  My first thought was a Smugmug type site, but I don’t know what kind of legal/ethical hoops I would need to jump through to assure that all of the money would be securely delivered to the organizations.  If there are any of you have some suggestions, please let me know or pass on the message to anyone who could help.

I’m not sure how far their pictures will go, but I do know the empowered feeling they will feel if they are able to make a difference.  Please let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions.


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