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Twitter Template—Cool!

Lately I have been working with a class doing a “Living History” project.  They completed the project last year using imovie, garage band, powerpoint, etc.  This year we were looking in incorporate a twitterlike template that students would use.  Of course, it is not as authentic as actually tweeting, but I think it’s the next best thing.

In the past we’ve used the Facebook template that was posted and that’s been pretty successful.  I tried to emulate that type of format.  The idea behind it is that the kids have to try and really understand the details behind the events, decide what is or isn’t important, and even find images that work with it.

Anyway…like I said, it was created in Pages, and I’d be happy to share if your school uses this platform.  I’m new to this, so if  have  a suggestion on where to store it….cool.  Box doesn’t work because it doesn’t like Pages. I can also email it to you.

If you don’t have Pages,  I’d love some suggestions on how to convert it to another format and then I’ll send it out that way.

Not often that you try and do something and it actually works the way you want it too!  Hurray!


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